Latest On Hurricane Matthew As Of 11:00 PM EDT October 6, 2016

Hurricane Matthew is getting ever so closer to Florida. It has 130 mph winds and central pressure of 939 millibars as of 11:00 PM EDT. Here is the most recent Doppler radar image from Melbourne, Florida.


The National Hurricane Center (NHC) is down. Not good. Here is the heat map forecast where Hurricane Matthew could go.


The NHC is forecasting that Hurricane Matthew is not going to make landfall.


However, I think Matthew could make landfall on Florida based on the heat map. Coastal Georgia and South Carolina is also looking get hit by Hurricane Matthew. The worst would be after midnight. Here is the intensity forecast.


I think, Hurricane Matthew is intensifying despite forest model showing some weakening before it gets close to Florida. I would not be surprised if it intensifies further later tonight.

Regardless of Hurricane Matthew making landfall or not, it will have a huge impact. Even if Matthew did not make landfall, the eyewall affecting Florida would be considered an eyewall landfall. I consider eyewall landfall as equal to an actual landfall. Why you ask? Many Caribbean islands get hard hit by hurricanes, while the eye of the hurricane is offshore, while the eyewall is hammering them.


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