2014 Weather In Review

2014 has passed into memory lane as we are now in 2015. I cannot belive it is already 2015 as we are midway into the 2010s. 2010 felt like yesterday. 15 years ago, we were talking about the new millenium and Y2K bug. The Y2K bug did not result in anything serious. Anyways, 2014 was a rather interesting weather year.

2014 America
Annual Temperature: 52.55°F
Annual Rainfall: 30.76

1895-2014 Average
Mean: 52.14°F
Median: 51.94°F
Standard Deviation: 0.92
Coolest: 50.06°F (1917)
Warmest: 55.28°F (2012)

Mean: 29.96
Median: 30.15
Standard Deviation: 2.16
Driest: 24.91 (1910)
Wettest: 34.96 (1973)

The 2014 temperature was within annual mean and median. Same goes with annual rainfall total. However, some areas had cooler years, while others had warmer years. Same applies with annual rainfall total.


Many Western states had record warmth, especially in Arizona and California. Many areas had cooler than normal temeperatures, especially in the Midwest. However, there are no record cool years for 2014. It is a clash of cold and hot.


Many areas had wetter than normal, while other areas had drier than normal years. None of them are record setting.

2014 Texas
Annual Temperature: 64.91°F
Annual Rainfall: 23.88

1895-2014 Average
Mean: 64.75°F
Median: 64.76°F
Standard Deviation: 1.04
Coolest: 62.33°F (1895)
Warmest: 67.78°F (2012)

Mean: 27.02
Median: 26.83
Standard Deviation: 5.10
Driest: 14.06 (1917)
Wettest: 40.22 (1941)

Texas had a normal year temperature wise. In terms of rainfall, it has been dry, but within the standard deviation. Not a good thing as Texas is still in a drought that started in late 2008. However, things are getting better as 2014 is no 2011.

2014 Upper Texas Coast
Annual Temperature: 68.58°F
Annual Rainfall: 41.32

1895-2014 Average
Mean: 68.77°F
Median: 68.74°F
Standard Deviation: 1.03
Coolest: 66.53°F (1895)
Warmest: 71.55°F (2012)

Mean: 45.26
Median: 44.48
Standard Deviation: 10.11
Driest: 20.71 (1917)
Wettest: 70.17 (1900)

Looking at the temperature and rainfall for 2014, it is below average. That is largely due to the cooler than normal Winter of 2013-2014 and Spring 2014. Rainfall is below average, but within the norms. 2014 is slightly wetter than 2013. The less rainfall is from the dry Winter, which was quite dry.

So, what made this year warm or cold? Here is a upper level map of the Northern Hemisphere.


There is upper level ridging over Alaska, Eastern Russia, Scandinavia, Western US, and North Central Atlantic. The ridging over the Arctic region causes cold air to go down south. The ridging keeps the Arctic region warmer than normal, while areas outside the Arctic region cooler. There is upper level troughing over the Great Lakes, North Central Pacific, Central Siberia, and Northeast Atlantic. The troughing helps bring down cold air as they are polar vortex that broke off over the Arctic.

I made a prediction for 2014 in the annual weather report for 2013 and said this:

What will 2014 hold in the weather world? I think it could be an interesting one. Perhaps we could see more freezes and snow in the winter. Than tornado outbreaks in the spring. By the time hurricane seasons starts, I think we could see the first major (Category 3 or above) hurricane to make landfall, which would be the first since Wilma in 2005. Until than, time will only tell.

I got one right, last winter was quite cold. The rest I got wrong as tornado activity was low and there was no major (Category 3 or above) hurricane that made landfall on America. However, we did have two major hurricanes in the Atlantic. So, what do I think 2015 will be like?

I think 2015 will see more cold blasts and wintry weather. Cold winters can happen back to back like in the late 1970s or early 1900s. I think tornado season will be average at most. As for hurricane season, I have a bad feeling, somewhere on America will be hit be a major hurricane. America has not been hit by a major hurricane in 10 years! That is the longest streak and I think our luck will run out. Also, the last time we had a year end in 5, it did not bode well. 2005 was a hyperactive season and the year that saw Dennis, Katrina, Rita, and Wilma make landfall on America. In fact, hurricane seasons that have years that end in 5 have been bad with the exception of 1905 and 1925.


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