Summer 2012

Whew! The meteorological summer (June 1st to August 31st) is over and we are about to enter fall. Some areas were really hot and dry, while others were cooler and wetter. It depended on where you lived. The more north you are, the warmer and drier it was, while the more south you were, the cooler and wetter it was. 2012 Summer was a summer of contrast. So, how did Summer 2012 turn out?

Let’s start with America. All data is based on data from 1895 to 2012.
2012 Summer Average Temperature = 74.41°F
2012 Summer Rainfall Total = 7.39

Summer Average Temperature = 72.23°F
Summer Average Rainfall Total = 8.27

Let’s look at how 2012 ranks for America.

Temperature Ranking
1.) 1936 74.64°F
2.) 2011 74.49°F
3.) 2012 74.41°F
4.) 2006 74.36°F
5.) 1934 74.18°F

2012 is the third warmest summer on record in America from 1895 to 2012. It is way above standard deviation of 0.99 from the average, which is 72.23°F. Summer 2012 is 2.18°F above normal, which way above the standard deviation. Only 1936 and last summer was warmer. Not as hot like last summer, but hot nonetheless. It was very warm, especially in the Midwest, where there is a severe drought. What did Summer 2012 yield in the rainfall department.

Rainfall Ranking
1.) 1930 6.03
2.) 1936 6.34
3.) 1980 6.82
4.) 1934/1954 6.88
5.) 1988 6.89

Summer 2012 is the 17th driest summer on record. It is not in the top 5 driest summer on record. It below standard deviation of 0.77. Interesting to note that the top 5 driest springs occurred in the 1930s and 1980s. The 1930s had the Dust Bowl, the worst drought to strike America in centuries. It was during the Great Depression and no doubt the drought played a role in it. It shows warmer the summer is, the drier it is. Drought is perpetuating in nature.

Now, let’s look at Texas.
2012 Summer Average Temperature = 83.07°F
2012 Summer Rainfall Total = 6.71

Summer Average Temperature = 81.45
Summer Average Rainfall Total = 7.72

Let’s look at how 2012 ranks for Texas.

Temperature Ranking
1.) 2011 86.67°F
2.) 1980/1998 84.27°F
3.) 1934 84.20°F
4.) 1918 83.47°F
5.) 1953/1954 83.37°F

Summer 2012 is the 8th warmest summer on record for Texas. It is way above standard deviation of 1.35. Still in the top 10 warmest summer on record, but cooler than Summer 2011. That was hot right there! The warmest summers occur in drought years, so no surprise again. How does Summer 2012 compare from previous summers in Texas.

Rainfall Ranking
1.) 2011 2.48
2.) 1956 3.48
3.) 1934 3.73
4.) 1952 3.84
5.) 1954 3.95

Texas had 39th driest summer on record. That is an improvement from last summer, which was extremely dry. Summer 2012 was withing standard deviation of 2.20. We could still use more rain as most of Texas is still marred by the drought. Since we are heading into an El Nino, it will be most likely wetter for Texas. That would be a good thing as El Nino is typically wet for Texas. The driest summers occurred in the 1950s, during the horrible drought of the 1950s.

Now, let’s move onto to the Upper Texas Coast.
2012 Summer Average Temperature = 83.13°F
2012 Summer Rainfall Total = 16.13

Summer Average Temperature = 82.63°F
Summer Average Rainfall Total = 13.07

Temperature Ranking
1.) 2011 85.97°F
2.) 1998 85.10°F
3.) 2009 84.73°F
4.) 2010 84.40°F
5.) 1958 84.27°F

Upper Texas Coast had the 24th warmest summer on record. That is dramatic from last summer, which was the hottest on record. Summer 2012 was within the standard deviation of 0.92, so it was a normal summer. Indeed, this summer was cooler than normal. It was warm nonetheless due to the unusually warm low temperatures at night. Was Upper Texas Coast wetter or drier in Summer 2012?

Rainfall Ranking
1.) 2009 5.66
2.) 1924 5.79
3.) 1980 5.87
4.) 2000 5.89
5.) 1954 6.18

Upper Texas Coast saw a huge improvement in summer rainfall, especially with July being quite wet. Summer 2012 is the 30th wettest summer on record. The summer rainfall total was within standard deviation of 4.90, which is normal. Not bad. Last summer was the 8th driest summer on record. The drought for the Upper Texas Coast is over. However, I am hesitant to declare this drought over as most of Texas is still in a drought.

11 years ago tonight, everyone was looking forward to a new day, which was Tuesday, September 11, 2001. That day would be a very tragic day and week. The whole world watched the horrific terrorist attacks unfold on live television and the 4 day never ending news coverage. That tragic day would change America and world.


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