October To April Rainfall

This past October to April has been very dry, easily one the driest on record. The culprit is La Nina, which causes the jet stream to go further north, carrying storms further away. I did a correlation between October to April rainfall total and May rainfall total and only April and May rainfall totals in the Upper Texas Coast. It is from the NOAA Divisional Data.

Two-tailed p value: 0.198
Pearson’s R statistic: 0.121
Degrees of Freedom (df): 113

Based on analysis, there is a positive correlation for October to April rainfall total and May rainfall total. It is not significant since the p-value is above 0.05.

Two-tailed p value: 0.443
Pearson’s R statistic: 0.072
Degrees of Freedom (df): 113

April and May rainfall total does not correlate much at all. It could go either way, a dry or wet April may give way to a dry or wet May. Since the p-value is above 0.05, it is not significant.

What is the verdict? October to April and only April rainfall does not predict how May rainfall will be like. So, there could be a chance that May could be either be wet or dry.


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